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About iBank Moni by Spad Bank

We believe every person has the right to participate fully in the global economy.

iBank Moni is the world’s go-to partner for digital commerce, everywhere. From borderless payments to boundless growth, iBank Moni promises any business, in any market, the technology, connections and confidence to participate and flourish in the new global economy. Powering growth for customers ranging from aspiring entrepreneurs in emerging markets to the world’s leading digital brands, iBank Moni offers a universe of opportunities, open to you.


iBank Moni was born on the cusp of a new digital era; now we’re at the heart of it. An era defined by connectivity and openness. Where anyone, anywhere, is empowered to participate and succeed as a global citizen of a single digital economy. Infinite opportunities create exponential complexity. This borderless world of open commerce brings new systems, unfamiliar rules and untold risks. These unknowns create fear and doubt that erode the confidence fueling the entrepreneurial spirit at the center of everything.
For 15 years, Payoneer has pioneered this new reality. Serving markets others will not. Solving problems others cannot. Innovating tools others have not. Pushing frontiers, making connections, unifying and creating global ecosystems.

Every day, iBank Moni imagine, engineer and inspire a universal future for commerce, so the entire world can realize its potential.

iBank Moni – A universe of opportunities. Open to you.

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